Shaheed Captain Vikram Batra

Captain Vikram Batra was born on September 9th, 1974 in Ghuggar village near Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, to Mr. G.L. Batra and Mrs. Jai Kamal Batra. He did his early studies at home from his mother who was a teacher . he did his Middle Standard at the D.A.V. Public School in Palampur and senior secondary in Central School, Palampur. He did his graduation in science from D.A.V. College, Chandigarh where he was adjudged the best N.C.C. Cadet (Air Wing) in two zones. In 1996 Vikram Batra joined the IMA (Indian Military Academy) Dehradun in Jessore company of Manekshaw Battalion. He was commissioned as a Lieutenant in 13 J&K Rifles. He was posted to Sopore, in Jammu and Kashmir

During the operation vijay Captain Vikram Batra’s was assign to Delta Company of 13 JAK Rifles. He was given the mission to capture point 5140. He was Nicknamed Sher Shah(Lion King) for his courage and bravery. Batra decided to head the team from the rear to surprise the enemy. He and his men started climbing the rocky cliff. As they were nearly approaching the cliff top they were pinned by heavy machine gun fire by the enemies. Regardless of the danger Captain Batra, along with 5 of his soldiers, climbed up the cliff. Upon reaching the top he hurled two grenades at the machine gun position.

Captain Vikram Batra killed 3 enemy soldiers in hand-to-hand combat. He got seriously injured during this action but he insisted on regrouping his soldiers and continuing the mission. Captain Batra’s bravery and courage inspired his troops to attack the enemy positions and capture

Point 5140 on 20th June 1999 at 3:30 a.m. His company was given the credit for killing 8 enemy soldiers and confiscating a heavy machine gun.

The capture of Point 5140 started a chain of victories like Point 4700, Junction Peak, Point 5100 and Three Pimples. Captain batra along with Captain Anuj Nayyar lead his soldiers to victory at Point 4875 and Point 4750. On 7th July 1999 early morning

Captain Vikram batra Martyred while trying to rescue an injured officer during a counterattack by the enemies against Point 4875. His last words were, “Jai Mata Di.” (which means in Punjabi ‘Hail the Divine Mother’).

Captain Vikram Batra was awarded with India’s highest military honor Param Vir Chakra, posthumously for his sustained display of the most conspicuous personal bravery and leadership of the highest order in the face of the enemy. Mr. G.L. Batra his father received the honor for his deceased son from the President of India, the late K.R. Narayanan.

Quotes by Captain Vikram Batra

* Vikram Batra’s last words were the battle cry “Jai Mata Di!” (“Victory to Mother Durga!” in Punjabi)

* Batra’s Yeh Dil Maange More! (My heart asks for more!), erstwhile a popular slogan for a Pepsi commercial, became an iconic battle cry that swept across the country and remains popular with millions of Indians, invoked at patriotic public events, in memory of the war and the soldiers, and as a symbol of the indomitable spirit of Indian patriotism and valor in face of future attacks.

* Upon reaching Point 5140, he got into a cheeky radio exchange with an enemy commander, who challenged him by saying, “Why have you come Sher Shah (Vikram’s nick name given by his commanding officer)? You will not go back.” Captain Vikram Batra is said to have replied, “We shall see within one hour, who remains on the top.”

* While dragging Lt. Naveen back under cover, Naveen pleaded to Captain Batra to let him continue the fight in spite the injuries to which Captain Batra replied “Tu baal bachedaar hai!! Hatt jaa peeche,” (“You have kids and wife to look after! Get back!”).

* “Ya toh Tiranga lehrake awunga, ya fir Tirange mein lipta huwa awunga, lekin awunga” (Either I will come back after hoisting the Tricolour (Indian flag), or I will come back wrapped in it, but I will be back for sure).

o “In reply to a Pakistani’s taunt that they will leave Kashmir if Indians give them Madhuri Dixit, a popular bollywood actress, gave him the reply, “Sorry, Madhuri is busy!”. he then shot the taunter and said ” From Madhuri,With love”

Movie on Captain Vikram Batra

The 2003 Hindi film LOC Kargil based on the entire Kargil conflict had Abhishek Bacchan playing the role of Captain Vikram Batra.

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